New blogging strategy for 2023

For 2023 I am changing my blogging/social media workflow with the main goal to simplify and focus. I already quit Facebook and Instagram a long time ago, and this year I am leaving Twitter as well. I own a GitHub-hosted blog powered by Jekyll, but it has some limitations. I’m also paying for and don’t use it as much as I could, and recently joined a separate Mastodon fediverse. Here’s what I am doing for the new year.

Changing default address to

This is done first at the domain configuration panel, by setting the CNAME record. After that, at “Design” tab and set a new address there. This unlocks a badge with a comment: “Your microblog uses a custom domain name. That’s the best way to own your writing.”. I agree.

Stopping blogging at

I like this blog and I know that people find it helpful. I want to preserve all the posts and explain to my readers that they should subscribe to going forward.

Redirecting my Mastodon to

I appreciate integration with Fediverse, I have followed everyone I followed on Mastodon using search. Now I have a username with my domain attached to it and a single chronological timeline to read and can use a single app on my iPhone to consume the only social media channel I have. I like the lack of retweets and emphasis on replies. It’s a relief not to worry about how many people follow me, because doesn’t show these statistics, my profile doesn’t look like no one reads it and not discouraging visitors from subscribing.

Setting up

A place to write about apps I am working on, and only that. It would be professional and brief. The feed is crossposted to timeline, so you won’t miss any of that posts.

Doubling down on

It’s a relief to have a single blog to manage for both short and titled posts. I no longer need to decide between short and long posts, can start short posts and expand when needed. For the first time for my blog, people will be able to leave and read comments.

I also finally can blog from my phone and use MarsEdit on Mac. It saves time, especially when working with links and photos. In addition, I discovered 2 excellent apps: Icro and Gluon which do not require a subscription, fully native and have a respectful minimalistic design, I find it more attractive than Ivory, because Ivory uses floating UI elements in a name of “clean design” which I would like to avoid, if I can. is amazing

Do you know any other companies in which your writing can be noticed and commented on by the CEO? In a couple of months of using, it happened to me. feels so personal and small in a good way, it’s the only place I want to hang out.

With my old blog, I wrote long posts once a month on average. With this new strategy, I feel like writing every day. You can access all of my writing through the web, subscribe via RSS, and follow me at Mastodon and, of course.

Boris Yurkevich @yurkevich